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About Us

Welcome to As Burgers Go

Lauren Merrill Budd is a Speech Language Pathologist in the State of New York. She received her academic training from various colleges while serving in the USAF and earned her (BS 2000), from San Jose State University and (MS 2003), from Teachers College Columbia University in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Deaf Education. She has worked for over 22 years in the field including medical settings, private practice, rehabilitation, agencies, and public schools.
She has trained extensively in the areas of neurologic/neurogenic communication disorders, medical speech-language pathology, and evidence-based practices, with newborns through geriatrics. She is known for auditory processing disorders, pragmatic disorders and feeding therapy. Lauren has created Social Thinking Language Groups with her corporation, Speech Can Teach. Her speech pathology skills go above and beyond the normal scope of practice. With her social thinking groups she brings children ages 7-17 out into the community for activity based learning through her corporation, Speech Can Teach. She is starting to open up more groups for younger children and 18-28 year olds. She has exposed children to different environments to adapt and transition to a career or job choice that is appropriate for their specific learning styles and needs. In addition, Lauren just established a corporation, As Burgers Go Inc, inclusive parties for typical looking children and special needs children. These parties focus on sensory processing activities for children to build crafts with food (addressing feeding aversions) and hands-on activities that are kinesthetic and tactile. The focus of these parties is to allow every child to have an opportunity to enjoy a birthday party with instructional support and structure to help them decrease sensory overload; be included and build success.



Activities for Your

Engaging Activities for all children

We arrange activities that increase motivation, interest, and ability to participate in shared social interactions.

Catering Packages

We arrange inclusive parties for children with special needs.

Private Room (Sensory Based)

To help improve responses to sensory input that may be restrictive or overwhelming.

Happy Parents Say


Kids Activities

Instructional and structured parties

Through structured play children with sensory overload need an outlet and ways to express themselves through communication and creativity without overwhelming places that overstimulate them.

Crafts with food and toys

Make a craft with kinetic sand, or how about coloring a poster and having a tea or pirate party? Children love engaging in activities that keep them on task and help them.


Games are essential for healthy development in early childhood and beyond.

Table/Floor Toys

Manipulatives and table toys give children the opportunity to explore.